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Cost-Efficient Pest Control Services

If you are looking to protect your new property or to treat an old one, consider the benefits of pest control brought to you by One Shot Pest Services. Based in New York, we are a team of exterminators specializing in all aspects of pest control. We are an environment-friendly pest control company here to ensure the safety of your family, pets, and our environment.

One Shot Pest Services Bed Bug 3 step service is a granted to eradicate all Bed Bugs in your Home or Establishment. It is very important to follow each step of the preparation sheet that is given to the home owner.

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Mission Statement

One Shot Pest Services aims to protect all establishments and homes from damaging invaders. It is our mission to completely exterminate destructive pests in hotels, restaurants, and other business establishments, as well as residential properties. These are done through environmentally friendly elimination methods. We also provide services that some might be considered non pest control related but are wrong for instance some company's complain about sanitation were we help provide a sanitation program for you. With our Exclusion program for Rodents with no Chemicals at all needed has lead us to provided a Pest Free Environment and a Safe one for all. 

One Shot Pest Services provides services to the following industries:



.Daycare Centers



.Research Facilities

.Commercial and Residential Buildings